LIVE Auction at Highland Farm

Sunday, March 10, 2024 @ 1:00 PM CST

NEW LOCATION: Highland Farm  

38870 Dancer Road, Lanesboro, MN 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Auction Starts @ 1:00 PM

OIAN Angus (507) 429-3755

About Us

A Few Words About OIAN Angus


OIAN Angus began in the Fall of 2005 with the purchase of 40 bred heifers. We have grown our operation to calve over 200 females a year.  We have been selling bulls and females annually since 2006 both on production sales and private treaty.


Our family lives near Highland, MN and winter cattle at two farms.  The Dakota Farm which is located a mile from Highland, MN and the other farm is 3 miles from Rushford, MN. We pasture cows throughout Fillmore and Houston Counties.



Our Approach


It is our goal to produce seedstock that will produce progeny with low birth weight and tremendous growth potential. Our customers success is very important to us, we know that the most important part of selling seedstock is the guarantee to our customers that you have purchased very high quality cattle that you can depend on moving your cattle operation forward.


We all know it starts with the cows, the maternal side of our operation has a been the focus since we began. We originally purchased 40 bred heifers in 2005. Since then we have grown our herd to over 200 cows.  We have also purchased elite heifers and cows from very prestigious herds such as Mohnen Angus, Mogck and Sons, Johnson Family Cattle and Marda Angus.


A little more on the maternal side, we have focused on retaining females that calve in the first 42 days of the calving season through this practice we have found a direct correlation between granddam, dam and daughter calving intervals. We see it year after year when the dam calves at a 365 day interval the daughter will as well, often times we have granddams, dams and daughters all calving with days of each other. This is exceptionally important to our customers who want uniform calf crops and great fertility in the dams.


We also focus on udder quality and feet and legs because along with fertility they become some of the most important factors in longevity of our females.  Also, with having 4 young children that are often along for calving checks and pasture walks, docility is of utmost importance.

Our History


Purchased our first 40 registered Angus bred heifers.


Grew our herd to 225 registered Angus cows.


Our first bull sale.


First International Sale of bred heifers to Kazakhstan.


Implemented an Embryo Transfer program.


First sale under our own farm name OIAN Angus

Meet Our Family


Ryan Oian

I grew up on a dairy farm near Rushford, MN.  I have enjoyed farming and raising cattle for as long as I can remember.  



I love spending time with our 4 beautiful kids and taking family adventures to check pastures. 



10 Years Old


Loves calves, cats and dogs. Loves playing with her cousins and

reading books.



10 Years Old


Loves cows and cats. Wants to be a Vet when she grows up.  Loves farming with Dad and Mom.



8 Years Old


Loves farming with Dad.  Wants to be a Farmer when he grows up. Loves making Lego creations. 



5 Years Old


Loves animals.  Cutest Smile Award.